English Conversation Among Friends Class at Friendship House MSU

On Friday mornings at 10:30 am, Teacher Kelly’s English Conversation Among Friends class meets at Friendship House MSU.  I was able to take in several minutes of her class today and it was inspiring to see so many Internationals not only present but actively participating.

The part of the class I observed was midway in a discussion about how their many different cultures and customs approached such things as gender, marriage responsibilities, the roles of parents, keeping (or not keeping) surnames upon marriage, and much more.

The environment was relaxed, casual, very friendly, and open to learning and discussion — just like the class title says.

While I am prejudiced because I like and respect Kelly very much, I marvelled at her ability to keep the discussion flowing and moving. She sparingly interjected herself into the larger conversation but when she did her touch was deft, grounded in active listening and as skilled as a highly experienced counselor.  This is truly a gift and Kelly wears it both comfortably and humbly.

Kelly’s class is genuinely appreciated by her students and those of us who serve alongside her.  It will unquestionably be a great summer of English conversation among real friends.


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